Walter Camp: 11 Classic Football Articles

11 Classic Football Articles

by Walter Camp

Published: 1886-1893

Walter Camp is known as the Father of American Football, and this quick collection of 11 Classic Football Articles puts Camp's early knowledge of football as a developing sport on display.

Camp originally played football at Yale from 1876 to 1882 before coaching his alma mater from 1888 to 1892. It was during that general timeframe (1886-1893) that most of these articles were penned by Camp for Outing Magazine and Harper's Weekly - two of the earliest publications to give significant space to coverage of the sport which was still in its infancy.

Camp's name is still prominent in today's intercollegiate football scene. The Walter Camp Football Foundation was founded in 1967 to preserve and promote the tradition of selecting a collegiate All-America team - one of the many traditions or rules established by Camp. The foundation also selects the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, one of the top individual awards in college football.

The articles here cover a lot of ground from the history of how the game's rules evolved as well as how the game's early strategies and training regimens came to be.

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