The First Decade of College Football: 300 Published Reports

The First Decade of College Football: 300 Published Reports

by Various Authors

Published: 1869-79

The "Lost Century of Sports" Collection is comprised of a few small compilations of media reports that chronicle the earliest decades of some of our nation's most popular sports. Available in paperback or on the Kindle, at least two volumes deal with the early years of college football including this edition - The First Decade of College Football: 300 Published Reports.

As the name implies, it's a collection of articles published during college football's first ten years (1869-79), and there's no real rhyme or reason to the reports contained herein. It includes articles pulled from college newspapers, community newspapers and daily newspapers of various sizes. Many of the publications are no longer in existence, but others, in fact, are still going strong.

The first articles in the book document college football's first intercollegiate contest between Princeton and Rutgers, but not all of the reports that follow thereafter are game reports. Many of the articles simply refer to casual games of football played on campuses around the country and not necessarily intercollegiate contests. Some document contests on one campus between various classes (e.g., freshman vs. sophomores) or departments (e.g., medics vs. attorneys).

Nevertheless, it's a fascinating look at both the game itself and the journalism that would emerge to document the sport in its early years.

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