Sherwood Anderson - Dark Laughter

Dark Laughter

by Sherwood Anderson

Published: 1925

Dark Laughter, Sherwood Anderson's best selling novel, is influenced by Joyce's Ulysses. It deals with the new sexual freedom of the 1920s and provides a unique fictional window into that era.

Dark Laughter was Anderson's only best seller during his own lifetime, but he is better known now for his short story cycle Winesburg, Ohio. Dark Laughter, meanwhile, is perhaps best remembered for being the target of Ernest Hemingway's parody The Torrents of Spring.

Anderson had actually helped Hemingway get his first publishing deal, but in Torrents - the author's first long work - Hemingway savaged the novel by making fun of Anderson's style and characters. The two writers were never reconciled, though Anderson reportedly remained a fan of Hemingway's work throughout his lifetime despite the lack of respect shown by the latter.

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