Francis Bacon - New Atlantis

Essays, New Atlantis

by Francis Bacon

Published: 1626

New Atlantis is an unfinished utopian novel that was published posthumously in 1626 after the author - English philisopher and statesman - was deceased.

According to the preview on, this story sets out a process of discovery whereby sailors, lost somewhere off the Peruvian coastline, stumble across Bensalem. While the opening passages hold only the bare bones of plot, the emphasis once the explorers arrive in Bensalem is its university - Salomon's House.

Various tenets of the society include kindness, compassion and honesty at all levels of the social strata, aesthetic beauty in public buildings and civic life, an intellectual spirit fostered among the population, and the university named Salomon's House where both theoretical and applied sciences are studied and developed, and a strong sense of religious piety held by the entire population.

New Atlantis remains historically significant for encapsulating the ideals of The Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that Bacon helped to inspire with his contributions to the scientific method and its subsequent effect on the scientific revolution.

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