Francis Bacon - Essays, Civil and Moral

Essays, Civil and Moral

by Francis Bacon

Published: 1597-1625

Francis Bacon was an English philosopher and statesman who is credited with helping to develop the scientific method.

He served as the Attorney General of England and Wales from 1613 to 1617 under King James I, and then became the Lord High Chancellor of England serving the monarch from 1617 to 1621.

The first edition of his essays was published in 1597 with subsequent editions issued during his lifetime in 1612 and 1625. These later editions featured additional essays, and in some cases, featured expanded versions of the originals.

Bacon's essays cover a number of topics both public and private, and the styles range from personal and unadorned to more formal. Bacon's writings remain essential reading in English literature with no fewer than 91 phrases from his essays quoted in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.

Bacon's essays were also included in the third volume of the Harvard Classics first published in 1909.

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