Day 25: The Coronavirus Countdown - 100 Days of Great Music

One of the more interesting collaborations in rock music history would have to be the Traveling Wilburys.

Looking back, it almost seems surreal: honestly, a group including Jeff Lynne of ELO, Bob Dylan, George Harrison of the Beatles, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty? Really?!

Yeah, really. It happened, and the "The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1" from 1988 somehow lived up to expectations. It remains one of the more intriguing recordings of the 1980's, and still finds its way onto our playlists all these years later. Give it a spin, and then take a deeper dive into Petty's catalog with Chuck's Album of the Day.

- Chuck Cox and Kendall Webb


Tom Petty

Anthology: Through The Years (2000)

Why I Love It

My first exposure to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was when I heard "Refugee" as a kid in 1979. Once MTV landed, the band became mainstays while continuing to churn out hit after hit and cool videos to accompany them. This greatest hits compilation is a thorough taste of the tremendous talent and musical prowess in this band and remains a lasting legacy to Petty, who passed away three years ago.

Album Highlights

"Refugee," "Here Comes My Girl" and "You Got Lucky"

Kendall on Chuck's Album of the Day

I saw Tom Petty at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena just months before he passed away. It was the second time I had seen him live, and he remained a dynamic entertainer with one of the more unique voices in rock music history. This is the perfect retrospective to highlight Petty's contributions and relive the best moments of his career on record.


Dixie Chicks

Home (2002)

Why I Love It

You really could go with any of the Dixie Chicks' first three albums, but this one had more of an organic feel to it that seemed contrary to much of what was coming out of Nashville from their country music contemporaries at the time. Despite that, the Dixie Chicks continued to find success at radio scoring two No. 2 hits with "Long Time Gone" and "Landslide" before hitting No. 1 with "Travelin' Soldier."

But then Natalie Maines criticized President George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11 while on foreign soil, and that was it for the Dixie Chicks on country radio. For the most part, country fans and radio programmers abandoned them in mass, and the rest is history.

Whether you agree with their political positions or not, the music is still some of the best to hit country radio in the past couple of decades. It's worth hearing again and remembering just how special this trio was to country music at the time.

Album Highlights

"Landslide," "Travelin' Soldier" and "Top Of The World"

Chuck on Kendall's Album of the Day

You'll get no argument from me here. I am a big Dixie Chicks fan. Now more than ever, I appreciate a country act that puts some thought into making great music. Songs about drinking on the tailgate with my girl after we went fishing and/or mudding that dominate today's country charts aren't my cup of sweet tea. The Dixie Chicks are the opposite of all of that noise.

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