Booth Tarkington - Alice Adams

Alice Adams

by Booth Tarkington

Published: 1921

Alice Adams is a 1921 novel by Booth Tarkington that received the 1922 Pulitzer Prize for the Novel. It was the second time that Tarkington won the prize in a three-year span after taking home the award in 1919 for his novel The Magnificent Ambersons. He remains one of only three writers to win the award twice along with William Faulkner and John Updike.

Shortly after winning the Pulitzer, Alice Adams was adapted as a film in 1923 by Rowland V. Lee and then again in a better-known version from 1935 by George Stevens. The later version starred a young Katherine Hepburn in the lead role.

The narrative centers on the character of a young woman (the eponymous Alice Adams) who aspires to climb the social ladder and win the affections of a wealthy young man named Arthur Russell. The story is set in a lower-middle-class household in an unnamed town in the Midwest shortly after World War I.

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